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The Poachers Hut is celebrating its first anniversary at Cardross Estate this month.   The Shepherds Hut travelled for two days all the way from Norfolk where it was hand built.  The amazing truck driver assisted by a full contingent of our lovely farmer neighbours, joiner and electrician, after a muddy and sticky start managed to lift it off the truck, over a fence, under a power line and into the field, and towed it over to its corner spot by tractor and manitou.

We have had a fun year, met so many lovely guests from all over the UK and the World and enjoyed new lambs, baby chicks, survived naughty sheep and found a new friend in Philip the Pheasant.   We would like to thank Stewart Hollington, Bobby Cameron, Rob Armstrong, Colin Ritchie and Alistair Orr-Ewing for their hard work, expertise and knowledge, invaluable help and support in making the Poachers Hut’s first year a success.    Looking forward to sharing year two with you!